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Spartanburg County, SC is an amazing place for outdoor adventure, restaurants, and events that cover the broadest spectrum of interests. However, during this period of social distancing efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, upcoming events have been cancelled or postponed. Be sure to contact event organizers directly for updated information.

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Extreme Spray Foam is a premier spray foam company specializing in applying environment-friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective spray foam insulation. We proudly offer the following services:

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is considered as the best home insulation. It strengthens your property’s structure, improves air quality while reducing energy bills.

Slab Jacking

Slab jacking is the process of raising concrete slabs that are sinking due to poor soil conditions. It involves cutting strategic hole points in the slab, then installing special slab bracket piers.

Concrete Lifting

Concrete leveling is a geotechnical service used to correct uneven concrete surfaces. This service requires experience and knowledge. Extreme Spray Foam provides long-lasting concrete leveling solutions.

Spray Foam Roofing

Don't replace your flat roof, restore it! Save thousands with our roofing systems, backed by an industry leading warrenty.

Commercial Roofing

Choose us for your commercial roofing needs. After reviewing your roof needs, our team can recommend a system that best suits your commercial property.

Attic Insulation

If you are looking to insulate your home better, one of the best solutions is attic insulation. When you have your attics insulated by us, we guarantee huge savings on your utility bills!
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Visit RevWarTour.com to learn where you can get an up-close lesson in the role Spartanburg played in America’s independence. Just outside Spartanburg County is Cowpens National Battlefield, where The Battle of Cowpens was fought. The battle was a complete victory for the Patriot militia and became a turning point in the South during the Revolutionary War. Cowpens National Battlefield ​provides a great experience with a visitor center, interpretive trails, recreational facilities, restrooms, and full-­time staff.

Spartanburg county was largely a Cherokee Indian region until European settlements appeared in the 1760s, initially centred on the town of Glenn Springs. The Cherokee, British, and patriots fought often in the area during the U.S. War of Independence. Spartanburg county was established in 1785 and named for the Spartan Rifles, a local militia force during the Revolution. It soon became a resort region known for its mineral springs. Agriculture was the principal occupation, cotton the dominant crop. Soil depletion, erosion, and boll weevil infestations forced farmers to other activities, including growing peaches (production of which is now considerable) and raising cattle.

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