Spray Foam Used as a Vapor Retarder in South Carolina Homes

Why do most homes in South Carolina use spray foam as a vapor retarder? Continue reading to find out! 

In South Carolina, the majority of building codes have specific prerequisites for vapor barriers that can be achieved by having spray foam insulation professionally installed.

Vapor creates moisture inside structures that can cause irreparable damage by encouraging the growth of mold and mildew and initiates rust and corrosion. In typical residential properties, about 60% of heat loss is related to the moisture in the air. Spray foam insulation does the best job in preventing and reducing moisture in structures due to its flexibility and capability to reach irregular spots that are unreachable and humid. 

Spray foam insulation provides excellent thermal insulation, an effective air barrier, a very efficient vapor barrier, and the highest R-value among other insulation materials available in the market.

Why Insulate The Attic

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Your attic was not made just for storage. Attics are also designed to act as a barrier to protect the home from heat, cold, and humidity when properly insulated. 

According to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA), 90% of single-family homes in the US are under-insulated. When the attic isn’t insulated or hasn’t been insulated for years, it can compromise the home’s safety, efficiency, and comfort.

Check out these benefits of having a well-insulated attic:

Lowers Utility Bills

On average, heating and cooling account for 50-70% of the energy used in a household. When a house is uninsulated or under-insulated, there will be spikes in the power bills because of the unregulated temperatures. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a homeowner can save an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs by sealing the home and insulating the attics, floors, and crawl spaces. The amount of money that will be saved will depend on several factors, including the family’s lifestyle, the home’s design, and the type of heating system used.  

Safer Home Structure

In addition to providing more comfort and regulating the temperature to avoid fluctuations in power bills, insulating the attic can also prevent gradual damage to the home that is caused by heat and moisture. Spray foam insulation provides an air seal and a vapor barrier that helps prevent water vapor from entering and eroding the walls. It also slows down the heat buildup in the attic, leading to swelling and cracking of the shingles. 

During colder months towards winter, having a well-insulated attic also prevents ice dams from forming when melting snow refreezes on your roof’s edges and the mold and mildew growth that can be found in cool and moist areas. 

Spray foam insulation prevents these by mitigating the effects of condensation inside the home. It helps keep the structural integrity of your house and avoid expensive repairs on damages.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Overall comfort also includes the health of the people in a house. Air quality plays a huge role in health, and the factors that contribute to it do not all come from inside a house. Most of the time, indoor air quality gets highly affected by outdoor elements like dust, dirt, mold, and mildew that enter a home through 

Air quality is a huge factor in the health of the people. Most of the time, it also depends on outdoor elements like dust, dirt, mold, and mildew. Over time, when they enter through air leaks caused by poor insulation, they can compromise indoor air quality and lead to many health risks.

Attic insulation prevents these pollutants from spreading throughout the home, allowing better air quality, preventing any health issues and providing a more comfortable indoor environment.

Replacing old insulation can also help get rid of existing toxins that have inhabited a house’s structure.

Better Indoor Comfort

Indoor temperature completely depends on how well your home’s temperature is regulated. Heat flows naturally from warmer to colder places, and vice versa. Getting comfortable indoors can be a bit worrisome especially during the peak months of summer and winter. Without the right insulation properly installed, your home’s temperature will change as quickly as the climate outdoors will. There will be a need for several adjustments on the thermostat and fluctuating power bills. 

When there’s a difference of 10 to 15 degrees between floors inside a house, it is poorly insulated. In typical residential properties, bedrooms are usually located on higher floors and can be a bit uncomfortable when there’s that difference in temperature. Spray foam insulation is an excellent solution to ensure comfort and consistent temperatures throughout your house. It also helps lessen the adjustments that need to be made on your thermostat and allows you to enjoy your heating or air conditioning systems without worrying about surges in your power bills.  

Less HVAC Wear and Tear

Houses with older kinds of insulation have the tendency to be a bit drafty. This can cause your heating and cooling systems to work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the house. Depending on how your house is built, temperature changes can be quite drastic in some areas compared to the rest. 

These kinds of temperature changes can highly affect the way your HVAC system performs. With an attic that’s well-insulated, the overall temperature in the house is controlled and regulated, helping you keep your HVAC unit running in its optimal condition for years to come. 

This means less heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter, allowing you to completely enjoy being indoors and reduce your dependence on these systems especially during peak seasons.

Trust the Spray Foam Insulation Experts

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Holes and cracks in your walls allow more than just air to sneak into your home. They also welcome moisture that could make its way inside when there’s no proper seal and protection.

Spray foam insulation is an effective filler in addition to providing high-quality insulation. It fills and seals all small cracks and crevices throughout a structure, allowing nothing to come through. 

Protect your loved ones and improve the quality of comfort inside your home.

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