Metal Building Spray Foam Insulation in Georgia

Are you wondering why spray foam insulation is important for metal buildings? Continue reading to learn more! 

Metal Building Spray Foam Insulation in Georgia

When someone buys a metal building, one of the first things that needs to be decided on is whether they should insulate and what type of insulation should be used. This decision is not only vital to the quality of comfort that it brings, but also to preserving the building’s structural integrity. 

Spray foam insulation can achieve two primary structural objectives: maintaining the overall indoor temperature and preventing moisture and condensation. 

Insulating a metal building can help retain heat during the winter and transfer solar heat from the roof and walls during summer.

Spray foam insulation can be used in metal building construction and maintenance to seal air in, control condensation, and many more.

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Water and Condensation: Threats to a Metal Building

Similar to fiberglass insulation, other methods are not capable of providing a complete and solid air seal or vapor barrier. Without controlling the air and vapor, there will be moisture which would encourage the growth of mold, and can result in expensive damages to a metal building like rust and corrosion.

In addition, merchandise, machinery, equipment, and building occupants’ health are put at greater risk when exposed to stagnant water. Spray foam insulation’s vapor barrier prevents this from happening.

How Metal Building Insulation Helps

Metal is the ideal material to be used for industrial and commercial structures. It is economical, durable, and very easy to maintain. It is used for many structures from small sheds to warehouses and modern upscale buildings.

When properly insulated, metal buildings become more sturdy than they already are. Without insulation, it conducts heat and transfers it to the interior. On cold days, it does the opposite and transfers the heat outside. 

These are characteristics of metal that cannot be removed or manipulated, but can definitely be controlled with spray foam insulation.

Insulation generally manages the heat flow inside a building, prevents condensation, and controls the sound. Well-installed insulation can slow down the movement of heat and keep it inside a metal building in winter and keep heat outside during summer.

Spray foam insulation comes in two liquid parts that are combined to create a foaming agent to be infused into the walls, beneath floors, and above the ceiling. It fills the spaces that are difficult to reach when it expands, then it hardens into a solid, cellular plastic that contains air-filled cells. 

There are two types of spray foam insulation: Open Cell and Closed Cell. 

Open Cell is more affordable, but would ideally need thicker application depending on the structure of the building to be insulated. In contrast, Closed Cell can be extremely effective because its higher R-value per inch helps it act as an adhesive, strengthening a building’s overall structural integrity.

Spray foam is also the perfect kind of insulation for unusually constructed areas and those that have many obstructions. As it expands, it fills spaces that are not visible and reachable. It is also the number 1 choice for many building owners because of its capability to capture moisture and prevent rust and corrosion from starting.

Just like any other structure, you raise the quality of your metal building when it is insulated properly. 

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation for Metal Buildings

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Spray foam insulation can bring wonders to metal buildings. Check out these top 3 that you can count on when you get your building insulated with spray foam:

Better Temperature Regulation

Insulation’s primary function is to keep the interior of a building warmer during winter and cooler during summer. The air sealant and vapor barrier that spray foam insulation provides help control your building’s temperature by preventing air leaks that cause uneven temperature levels. 

If a property runs on an HVAC system, spray foam insulation helps save on energy bills because the well-regulated temperature inside the building prevents you from having to turn your thermostat up and down during warmer days in summer and colder days in winter. 

Reduction of Condensation

Condensation causes extensive damage to metal structures. It creates a perfect climate for mold, mildew, rust, and corrosion – all the factors that make your metal building unstable.

People, animals, and other external factors such as climate change all contribute to the condensation inside a building by adding humidity to the air. Spray foam insulation creates a vapor barrier that helps reduce condensation. A light layer of foam along the ceilings keep it warm.

There can be other ways to reduce condensation indoors, but they may not be as effective as how spray foam insulation would. 

Pest Protection

Insects and pests usually nest and breed in crevices that are humid and moist and can be just as detrimental to your metal building’s structure as it is with buildings made of other materials. They can also carry bacteria that could be dangerous to the merchandise, machinery, and staff that you will have inside the building. 

The air seal and vapor barrier that spray foam insulation creates for your building prevents insects and pests from finding spots in the structure that they can use as breeding grounds. 

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Metal buildings that are well-insulated have a significant impact on your return on investment. It helps you make sure that the people who will use the building are protected and keeps your building sturdy and clean!

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